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How to Get the Best Out of ‘Holy Wood’ (VIDEO)

Catholic sacred objects are in for a little more scrutiny, thanks to the release of “Holy Wood,” a documentary that examines the origins of the objects and their use in sacred contexts.

The film, which was created by documentary filmmaker and filmmaker Andrew Smith, is set to be released on Netflix in May.

Smith told The Huffington Post that the documentary’s title is a reference to the Book of Revelations, which he said was the “last great book” written by the angel Gabriel.

The angel told Gabriel that God was about to create the “world” and that “the world was to be known as ‘Holy’ Wood.”

Gabriel then told Gabriel to “create a world” of “holy wood,” and the angel did so.

As a result, the Holy Wood became a symbol of the faith and a place of worship for millions of believers.

As Smith said, “Holy wood is really a very old concept, and it’s very much connected to a lot of different concepts, especially the concept of the sacred, and also a lot about the story of Jesus.”

“In the Bible, the sacred is a place where we can worship,” Smith said.

“You can have a great celebration, but also a great ceremony, and there’s a lot to celebrate in a place that is holy and sacred, because it’s also where we’re supposed to find the light of God.”

For the film, Smith set out to find a historical record that would shed light on the history of sacred objects.

“I really think that the idea that we can know how to get a place like holy wood and make it something that we have to keep, it’s something that has to be kept,” he said.

Smith said the film also tries to address the issue of the lack of documentation about sacred objects in the modern era.

“It’s hard to find examples of how these objects have been used in the context of a worship service,” Smith explained.

“It’s very difficult to find an example of how they’ve been used to teach the faith.

It’s very, very difficult.

I think that’s a really big problem.”

In the film’s most notable scene, Smith shows an unidentified man in the back of a church as he sits and reads a prayer book that has the words “The Holy Wood” written on the inside.

The man then reads a verse from the book, which states: “And He will give you the light and the light shall burn in you.”

While it’s unclear how the man knows the phrase, Smith believes the words indicate the man’s familiarity with the holy tree.

“I think the word ‘holy’ is not really a word you use very often,” Smith added.

“So I think he knows what the word is.”

The film also explores how sacred objects were used in early Christian worship in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, and how the faith was passed down through generations.

“Holy water,” for example, is not just used to wash the feet of people during mass.

Instead, it was also used to purify a temple in Jerusalem.

“You’ll see that sacred objects have very different uses in the past, especially in the ancient Near East,” Smith told HuffPost.

“A lot of times you’ll see these objects being used to clean people’s feet, to clean their temples, and in the case of the holy water, to wash their hands.”

Smith said that while there are certain objects that he would like to see in the future that could be made of wood, it is “much more difficult” to find such materials because of the “relatively high cost” of materials.

He said that although he is interested in exploring the “history and mythology” of the object, he believes the most significant and meaningful things about sacred artifacts can only be found in the holy books.

“The books are the holy book of the Christian faith,” he explained.

“And so to have something like that to give us the history and mythology of something like a holy tree, that’s something we really don’t have any history of.

That’s not what we’re looking for.

That is a very, high-level, very complex story, and that’s one of the things that we really want to explore.”