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A Nazi sacred object is an important artifact for his followers

A rare artifact from the Nazi Party that was meant to celebrate the death of Hitler is also an important source of Nazi propaganda.

According to the German publication Spiegel Online, the St. George’s Cross was found in the archives of the party in 2015 by a German citizen.

After the discovery, the organization commissioned a study on the cross, which found that the cross had been broken into several pieces, with the pieces still in place.

In a video on the project’s website, a young woman with a tattoo of the cross on her back can be seen wearing a leather jacket and a hat with the cross emblazoned on it.

“The cross has a symbolic value, and it is a symbol of hope,” a representative for the organization said.

The St. Andrew Cross was a cross that belonged to the family of Jesus Christ.

The cross was found by a young German woman in the Stuttgart archive, and the organization conducted a study of its history.

According the organization, the cross was broken into multiple pieces, and was still in its original form.

The organization commissioned the study, and also discovered the cross has been broken in several places.

The study found that many of the pieces of the Cross were not the original ones that were in the collection.

Some of the broken pieces were later found in museums, and other pieces were found in private collections, Spiegel Online reported.

The investigation into the cross showed that it was the most important item in the Nazi party archives.

“In the past it was considered that the St George’s cross was just a symbolic object, but now it is actually an important symbol,” a spokesman for the project said.