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Which Islamic State group is most revered?

The Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS) has a long history of fighting and terrorizing religious minorities in the Middle East and North Africa, including Christians, Jews, and Shia Muslims.

The group also seeks to impose strict Islamic law across much of the region.

But its most well-known adherents are the people of Islam.

Most of those who follow its ideology in the West are Christians, although they also follow various other sects.

IS, founded in Iraq in 2014, has been fighting for control of large swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria.

Its followers consider themselves to be the rightful inheritors of Islam, and they have been waging war against the “infidel” coalition and other Western powers for decades.

This month, the group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, issued a fatwa, or religious edict, that declared that the “Christian and Jews” (known as dhimmis) should be killed.

The edict was widely interpreted as a call for religious slaughter.

This was especially striking, given that in many countries, Christians and Jews are also considered apostates and should be executed.

According to the BBC, the fatwa was widely condemned by other Islamic leaders, and a group of them issued a statement condemning the edict.

Many Muslims are not only deeply offended by the edicts but also by its violent content.

They consider the edits a blatant violation of the religious tenets that have long been considered part of Islam and have allowed for persecution of Muslims and Christians in the past.

As a result, Christians have been fleeing the region in droves.

As Christians are fleeing, some Islamic groups have begun to target them.

In May, Islamic State fighters in Syria captured a Christian village in northern Syria, which they subsequently burned to the ground.

In August, a group affiliated with the Islamic State also stormed a church in Mosul, Iraq, and killed a priest and five people.

The attack was reportedly carried out by an Islamic State fighter.

Last month, in Iraq, two Islamic State suicide bombers killed at least 50 people and wounded more than 80 in a Baghdad church.

In Syria, at least 14 Islamic State attacks in the last week have targeted Christians.

These attacks have come in the wake of a string of suicide bombings that killed dozens of people in the capital of Damascus, and were carried out in a predominantly Christian neighborhood.

Many Christians have also fled their homes, fearful for their safety and for their families.

According the BBC: Many Christians are leaving the country, and the situation is especially bad in northern Iraq.

The exodus from northern Iraq is growing in the face of what they say is a concerted effort by the Islamic state to eradicate the minority sect, and is making life even harder for those who still live there.

Many churches have been burned, churches are being bombed, and Christian neighborhoods are being targeted by IS, according to a Christian aid group.

There have been several attacks in recent weeks against churches in northern Jordan and the Iraqi city of Kirkuk.

The Islamic group has also targeted Christian women and girls.

The groups have also targeted schools and other public buildings, targeting them with rockets, mortar shells, mortars, and suicide bombs.

Christians have complained that IS has killed hundreds of people during the group is bloody campaign to eradicate them from Iraq and the Middle West.

The United Nations reported in March that hundreds of Christians had been killed during the campaign, while the UN estimates that more than 2,000 have been killed by IS.