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Francis: ‘I want to have a relationship with the world, to share with the people of God’

The pontiff says he will be an example to others, and is looking forward to his “second life.”

In an interview with a German newspaper, Francis said he wants to share his faith with as many people as possible and said he would seek to reach out to all people.

He also talked about his desire to be able to speak to people in their native languages.

“The first thing I want to do is share the Gospel, the first thing is to have contact with people in different cultures, to make contact with them in their own languages,” Francis said.

“This is a spiritual journey for me.

I am very keen to be a part of this second life.”

Francis spoke to a German television station on Sunday and said the “third mission” of his papacy would be to “share the Gospel with the entire world.”

He said he was not thinking about the Vatican’s finances and was “really focused on the poor and to spread the Gospel.”

“The pope wants to be an inspiration for others to speak their own language,” Francis told the Welt am Sonntag newspaper.

Pope Francis said that while he has no doubt that he can help people in other cultures, he has “no doubt” that he will need to share the gospel in the future.

Francis said in his speech on Sunday that the world was in need of a “second gospel.”

“My second mission will be to spread a second gospel in every country,” he said.