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Why is the Chinese Government so upset about Tibetan objects?

Tibet has become the focus of a diplomatic row over objects and sacred objects that are being illegally taken from Tibet.

Tibetans have been using the Tibetan language to refer to these objects since before the 17th century.

But the government has said that since they are Tibetan, they should be protected.

Last month, Tibetans protested outside the Tibetan Parliament building in Beijing and demanded that the authorities take action against those responsible for taking the items.

It is understood that officials are currently examining the items and are making plans to send a team to China to investigate them.

A spokesman for the Foreign Office said it was aware of the protest and that “tangible and cultural heritage and artifacts are an integral part of Tibetan culture and identity and we are closely following the situation”.

“It is vital that any further objects are properly handled and stored safely in accordance with Chinese law,” he added.

The Dalai Lama’s Holiness the Dalai Lama, whose whereabouts are unknown, said last month that the Government was committed to safeguarding Tibetan cultural heritage.

“We will not allow our culture and heritage to be used for profit or to be misused for any other purpose,” he said.

China has previously said that its decision to stop the import of Tibetan Buddhist relics was purely political and was not related to the protests.

Earlier this year, the Government said it would restrict the sale of Tibetan religious items in the country, while allowing imports of religious items that are not explicitly banned.

However, this has not stopped many Tibetans from taking the issue on, and some people have also taken to selling Tibetan objects in the market.

Since the Chinese government stopped the importation of Tibetan Buddhism relics in 2016, there have been a number of incidents of Tibetan people being arrested, tortured and jailed.

In May, Chinese authorities arrested several Tibetan monks who were trying to sell Tibetan Buddhist objects in a marketplace in the southern city of Shenyang.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has said the Tibetans should stop taking the Tibetan religious objects from Tibet and the country should respect the Tibetan people’s culture and religion.