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Which Shintoist Monuments Should You Visit?

A sacred shrine to a Japanese god of the heavens and earth, the shrine is considered one of the most important shrines in Japan.

It is also home to a Buddhist sect that worships the goddess Tsukuyomi and the Buddhist Shinto deity Shintoki.

The shrine, known as Shinto-katsuji, has stood for centuries as the site of religious rituals.

According to traditional beliefs, the shrines of the Shinto gods are built by worshippers and often contain sacred objects that are used to protect the holy site.

Shintoists believe these objects can protect their own spirits and protect the sacred shrine from evil forces.

The Shinto shrine in Nara is seen during a recent tour of the shrine.

The temple was built by a Buddhist monk, whose teachings are believed to have been influenced by the teachings of the great Buddhist sage Chōji.

According the Shinshu-jō temple, the Shintoku god was born from the waters of the river Yamazaki.

The site of the temple is in the mountainous Shinto area of northern Japan, and visitors are guided through a series of Buddhist shrines and shrines dedicated to different gods and goddesses.

Shinto shrines, temples and shrinks in JapanSource: Bloomberg