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How to spot Egyptian sacred objects in the country

Egyptian sacred relics are often hidden from view.

But the latest discovery of a 2,700-year-old wooden box of gold and silver coins is one of the best-known and most coveted finds in the kingdom.

The find, made at the tomb of Akhenaten, was announced Tuesday by Egypt’s antiquities ministry.

The box contains 1,500 pieces of gold coins, along with two silver ones, and the other 1,200 pieces of silver and gold coins.

The boxes are the first Egyptian objects to have been found in Egypt since Akhenateen was buried in 1775, the ministry said.

The discovery was made by two men working in the area of the tomb.

They found the box while digging at the entrance to the tomb, the minister said.

According to the antiquities department, the box contains a small amount of gold from the tomb’s funerary chamber.

They also found the boxes and the coins in the tomb itself.

The Ministry of Antiquities has previously announced the discovery of the box of coins and the gold coins at Akhenataten’s tomb.

It was believed the boxes were being stored in the house of the deceased ruler.