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Animal, dog ‘welcome’ at Mumbai airport as ‘sacred’ vehicles pass by

Mumbai: An Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot has taken the “sacred” animal for a walk with his dog at Mumbai’s international airport.

“It was a bit scary when we took the dog to the plane,” the pilot told the AFP news agency on Saturday, explaining that the dog “wasn’t the kind of dog that we want to be seen in public”.

The dog was flown by Air India to Mumbai from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport.

It was the first time the dog had been allowed to be a part of the air show since it was introduced in November last year.

It was not immediately clear what the dog was doing on the runway, but Air India confirmed that it was there “to greet guests, pose for photographs and pose for a picture with the Air Force”.

India’s Air Force is the country’s largest military force, with about 4,000 fighter jets, two attack helicopters and six attack submarines.