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Football Italian – The first goal scored by Luka Modric was the most beautiful moment of the match for Roma against Genoa.

The Croatian striker, who has been the subject of much media interest in recent weeks, took his time to shoot and, when the ball hit the bottom of the net, took a deep breath and then went on to run onto the pitch to celebrate with his teammates.

The ball was a beautiful cross from Modric to a Roma player who had already scored.

The ball went in off a free kick from a Genoa player who was playing well in the middle of the field.

The Genoa players did not react at all, instead focusing on Modric, and the Italian team manager took advantage of the situation to say to the crowd: “It is very nice that we have achieved this goal, this beautiful moment”.

It was the first goal of Modric’s Serie A career.

The goal came at the start of the second half and it was his last.

Genoa won the match 2-1.

It was a tough game for the Giallorossi.

Modric played a part in that victory and was a big factor in the goals.

But there was another factor as well.

In the first half, Modric had been fouled by a Genoese defender, who made a good save to stop him from scoring the equaliser.

This caused Modric some problems with his team-mates.

Genoa went on the attack again but this time Modric and Genoa goalkeeper Giampaolo Carbonetti were both forced to defend against a challenge by Genoa’s Marco Borriello.

The tackle had resulted in a foul, and Modric saw his penalty saved by the Genoa keeper.

Roma got the equalizer and then Modric made the winner himself, after a lovely, long-range pass from Modic into the top corner of the goal.

The Genoa goal was a wonderful, beautiful moment for Modric.

He scored that goal, and he will be the hero of Roma.

The Roma team had a good match.

It had a lot of players and, as a result, the referee, Luigi Fabbri, had to make a decision.

He decided that Modric should be penalised for a dangerous tackle by a Milan defender, which resulted in the same result.

But the referee made a different decision when he judged that Modri should have scored the equalised goal.

The referee decided that it was not the first time Modri had scored in that moment and that it would be unfair to penalise Modric for the first attempt.

Modri is still under pressure from his own team.

Roma had the chance to win the match 1-0, but the referee said that he felt the Milan defender had fouled Modric on the first penalty, so that decision was not a fair one.

Modlic had been awarded a penalty after that, which was very good and was the difference in the final score.

The last goal of the game was a penalty by a Juventus defender.

Juventus were not far behind in the standings and Juventus had to win 2-0.

It wasn’t enough.

The second goal of Roma was not enough either.

The Juventus goal was not good enough to get the 3-2 result.

Modari was still under intense pressure from the Juventus fans, but he played the right way and scored the second goal.

Modarin scored two goals and the final goal was the perfect moment for Roma.

I am happy for Modri.

I’m not sad for Modari.

I am happy that he scored a wonderful goal for Roma and it means so much for the Roma fans.

This was a very tough game.

Roma lost 1-1 and will now play the Champions League semi-final against Juventus on Friday.