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A Buddha statue has been stolen from a Buddhist temple in Thailand

The theft of a Buddha statue from a temple in the southern Thai province of Thais was caught on video, prompting the local police to arrest two men suspected of stealing it.

In a video posted on the official website of the Thais Buddhist Temple, police officers can be seen arresting two suspects.

One of them, a 30-year-old man surnamed Thukkum, is seen wearing a blue shirt and a dark blue pants, while the other, a man named Mahidom, is shown in a black robe and black trousers.

The video also showed that police officers had recovered the statue from the premises, after which they arrested two suspects, a 23-year old man surname Thanawong, who is believed to be a resident of the city of Phuket and a 23 year old man named Sukharnan.

Thanawong has been charged with theft and he is expected to appear in court on Tuesday, police said.

A second suspect, a 32-year, former employee of the temple, was also arrested and is due to appear on Tuesday.

Police said they had received reports of the theft of the statue in the past few days and had taken steps to track down the suspects.

“This was a theft that had been going on for years,” Bangkok police chief Prawut Thongrul told reporters.

“It’s a matter of concern for the Buddhist community, and we are doing everything possible to find the culprits and bring them to justice,” he added.

Thai authorities have a long history of dealing with Buddhist temple thefts, with authorities blaming local Buddhist monks for the recent spate.