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How to know if a sacred object is sacred: What to look for

Sacred objects, also known as sacred shrines, can provide clues about the spiritual nature of a site.

But while these are not generally considered holy, they are considered sacred in many cultures and are regarded as important sites.

Here’s how to spot a sacred monument, and how to protect it.1.

The sacred object will be in place for a very long time1.2.

The temple will be protected from vandalism.3.

The site is well-known for its religious significance.4.

There will be no signs of looting or vandalism.5.

The structure is intact, intact for the duration of its use.6.

There is no evidence of vandalism.7.

The altar is well marked and maintained, the ritual will be performed properly, and there is no sign of human disturbance.8.

The objects are kept separate from other objects in the site.9.

The structures are well-preserved.10.

The ritual will have an orderly ending.11.

The area around the object will not be disturbed or disturbed in any way.12.

There are no signs or damage to the object itself.13.

There have been no reports of any vandalism or theft of sacred objects from the site over the past year.