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Greek Orthodox churches lose most of their sacred objects

Greek Orthodox Church members have lost most of the objects they held in the holiest places in the world, with the vast majority of the treasures lost in the years following World War I.

The Vatican says it has recovered almost 2,000 objects, including 1,500 gold rings, 1,000 silver rings, 2,300 gold rings and about 1,200 bronze coins, from the Roman Catholic churches in Germany, Poland and Italy, as well as the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Constantinople.

Among the objects are gold rings valued at about $20,000.

The pope, however, says he would like to see more objects in the Vatican.

He said on Wednesday that his priority is the “development of the Catholic Church.”

“We are not alone in this.

Our brotherhood in Christ, our Church, has suffered for so many years.

We need more treasures and we need more treasure to reach the goal of the Church,” he said.

“What we are doing is for the sake of the people of Christ.

We must give them treasures that they can use and use them in the way that the Gospel needs us to use them.”

Pope Francis has also said the Vatican will “take care” of the Greek-language Catholic Church.