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How to make the best masjids from Christmas trees

Christmas trees are sacred to Muslims in the United Arab Emirates, and many of them are placed at the top of Christmas trees throughout the country.

In addition, some countries also have Christmas decorations.

To make sure that your Christmas tree is the best, consider these five simple steps to making it look your favorite.


Remove the tree from its box and lay it flat on the ground.


Place your hand on the top.

This is the top and bottom of the tree.


Make sure the top layer is not touching the ground below.

If you are using a heavy tree, you may need to remove the branches from the tree before you can lay it down.


Cut a hole at the base of the top portion of the Christmas tree.


Lay a Christmas tree in the center of your house.

If the top is not covered with a Christmas decoration, you can put a Christmas ornament over it.

The decoration should be in the shape of a bow or a star.

The ornament is also placed on top of the bottom portion of your tree.

The decorations will help to keep the Christmas decorations at the right height so they do not fall off while you are sitting at home.

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