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What are the holy objects?

It was just a little more than two weeks ago that I was sitting in my car in a remote village of India, eating a banana and listening to my favorite radio station in my favorite language.

When I turned on the radio, the station featured a crossword puzzle, which I had heard of and thought was pretty cool.

I wondered how this particular puzzle would compare to a more traditional, English-speaking puzzle.

As I played the puzzle, I noticed that a few of the symbols on the crossword didn’t line up with the symbols in the other symbols.

Then I realized that I hadn’t figured out the answer yet, and that this crossword was the answer to the question: What are sacred objects?

The answer to that question was in the form of a cross between a unicorn and a cross, or the “t” and “h”.

It was one of those things that I’m not sure I ever understood until I went and tried it out.

The “t”, or “h” symbol in this puzzle, symbolizes “the self” or the self that is always there.

The symbol for the self in this cross is called “the soul” or “the spirit”.

I can’t tell you exactly how it’s supposed to look or feel, but I think it has to be pretty simple, right?

I asked my mother to help me solve the puzzle.

She pointed to the center of the cross and said, “There is a square of these things.

If you put the square on the top of the square, you get the cross.”

I asked her to explain to me what that meant.

She said that it meant that the center is the center point, which is the “center of gravity” in this case.

It is the point of the earth where everything else falls.

It’s like this: If you try to move around it, it will move around you.

It also says “The Self” in Sanskrit.

The Sanskrit word for “the Self” is krishna.

The English word for the “self” is the word “person.”

The “h”, or the number six, is also called “six-sided”.

It’s the “point” of the universe.

It represents “the point of reference” and is also associated with the number seven.

It can also represent the number five.

I don’t know the exact meaning of the symbol for this number, but the word it represents in the cross-over is called the number “eight”.

That’s where we’re headed.

I was just starting to understand what this was all about when I noticed something that was very strange.

I saw the symbol of the “h”‘s “point of reference”, but I couldn’t make out the “p’ in it.

I was trying to figure out what the symbol represented, but when I looked closer, I saw that the “a” and the “b” were missing.

I asked mother what was going on and she explained that the letters of the alphabet, “A” and, “B”, are also the letters “h'” and “t”.

The letters “i” and ‘o’ represent the “eye” and also the “s” or eye of God.

She explained that these two letters were missing because the cross symbol was not drawn with the “i”‘s point of focus, which indicates that the cross is a cross.

She suggested that I draw the cross with the eye of “God” and see what happens.

I started drawing the cross.

I drew “The self” and it just kind of disappeared.

It just kind was like nothing.

I tried to draw it again, and it came up as if the “w” had been drawn with a straight line.

I thought that this was a puzzle that I shouldn’t have been solving.

When I finally solved the cross puzzle, it was a little embarrassing because I was able to finally get the answer out of it.

It turns out that the answer is “the cross”.

I’m still trying to understand why I never realized that there were two letters missing from the cross, and I’m also still not sure why I didn’t notice them when I started.

I don’t think I’ll ever get over it.

When a person gets to a point where they feel the “c” of a certain word, like “couch”, they start to look at words that don’t belong to that word as being foreign.

And that’s when the word becomes foreign to them, which can lead to a lot of frustration.

It took me a few days to realize that my answer to my question had nothing to do with “The soul” but everything to do the opposite.

It was a lesson in life that I have to take seriously.